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Al Anon

AL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS​ Hope for the relatives and friends of alcoholics
The effects of alcoholism can be devastating and far-reaching, not just for the problem drinker but for their families, friends and colleagues.  Living with someone else’s alcoholism can be a lonely and isolating experience with relationships damaged by secrecy and lies, verbal or physical abuse and despair.
Al-Anon Family Groups provides a safe, caring environment where members can learn to regain some peace of mind, emotional health and happiness, whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not.  Al-Anon helps those affected by someone else’s obsessive drinking to realise that it is possible to improve the quality of their own lives.   Listening to the experience of others, benefitting from the shared wisdom of the Al-Anon programme and learning about the family disease of alcoholism from those who have lived through it, can turn despair into hope.
Alateen (for members aged 12-17 inclusive) is part of Al-Anon Family G…

Dedication of Altar Cross and Childrens Corner at Quinton

Revd. Canon Beverley dedicating the new altar cross in memory of Revd. Martin Young and the new childrens' corner in Quinton church on the 14th of October 2018.