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Open PCC and Growth Action Plan June 9th

...I will build my church Please come along and join us for our Open PCC Celebration and Review Meeting for the Growth Action Plan 7:30pm at Piddington Church.

Butonge fundraising


St Edmund's Organ Fundraiser

Please come along and support us, money raised will go towards repairing the organ. You can now access on this site a booklet about the history of this organ written by David Cole, a former organist at St Edmund's.
Click on the history of our churches tab and scroll down past St. John the Baptist, Piddington with Horton and the history of St Edmund's church and underneath you will find a link to the booklet written by David Cole, which is a fascinating account with copies of the original correspondence between the manufacturers and the then Incumbent Rev Hughes.

Victory in Europe (VE) Day Commemoration

This weekend St John the Baptist Piddington, along with many other churches throughout the country, and in other countries in Europe, will be marking the 70th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day).

As part of this observance, churches will be ringing their bells at 11 a.m. on Saturday. You are most welcome to come and visit the church and see the bell ringers and hear the bells close up, or sit in the church yard, weather permitting!

If you are out walking in the fields or your town and hear a particularly vigorous bout of bell ringing on Saturday morning, you might like to take a moment to stop and remember the events of WWII and all those who lost their lives during the war, as well as give thanks for the end of hostilities.
More about the events marking VE Day can be found here.