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Stewardship campaign launch

Dear Friends,
I am writing on behalf of Piddington PCC to invite you to join us for the launch of our 2012 Stewardship Campaign launch at 10am on Sunday 15 July.
We will be joined by Paul Adams, Diocesan Stewardship Advisor, and will be outlining our plans for the church in what promised to be a very exciting and transformational year ahead. 
The campaign launch will also illustrate all the talents and skills that the church needs to fulfil it’s plans and the ways in which we can all contribute our time and talents, and in our giving.
We are extremely grateful for the help and support given to the church over the past years by so many and hope you can join us on 15 July as we all renew our commitment and stewardship. Yours sincerely,
Steve Watson (Chairman of Piddington PCC)

You can read more about the roles available on this website's Stewardship's campaign page.
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