Saturday, 16 March 2013

Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet? Is usually the cry we here from children on a long journey. Well the same phrase is often said about the installation of our much needed toilet in Piddington church. As this photo shows, we can truthfully reply, yes we are nearly there! In the foreground you can see the new servery going in and behind that will be our long awaited and much heralded toilet.

However, we are fortunate that we have toilets to use in our homes and in public places unlike many people in developing countries. This is why the arrival of our toilet has been used as an opportunity to raise money to build toilets in Burundi, through the toilet twinning scheme run by Cord and Tearfund in our "Spend a penny in Lent" campaign. 

You can help us twin our toilet by filling the inside of an empty loo roll with pennies (once of course you have sealed one end!) We will be collecting filled tubes at our Easter Day service in Piddington.

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