Thursday, 17 January 2013

What's in a name?

Our Benefice has started the New Year with changes that have seen the appointment of our new Priest, the Revd. Beverley Hollins, the creation of the new parish Piddington with Horton and the welcome addition of the parish of Quinton with Preston Deanery. 
All these changes mean that we need to find a new name for our Benefice. We have received a number of suggestions, which are listed below, but if you think you have a suitable alternative, now is your chance to submit your suggestion to the Revd. Beverley. 
The closing date for submissions is the 5th of February.

Suggestions we have had to date are:
Preston Fields
Preston Woods
Deer Park
The Chase
Christ the King
All Saints and our Saviour 

Update: Some new suggestions

The Watershed
Watershed Ridge
Rookery Ridge
Danes Ridge
Nene Dale

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