Online services

During the Coronavirus crisis, Canon Revd Beverley is going to be putting services on line. Currently this will only be in a format where you can see the words that will be said by Canon Beverley. For the more adventurous you can follow on WhatsApp where we have created a Living Brook Chat Group which is more interactive and will enable you to add your own prayers at appropriate points.

If you would like to join the WhatsApp group then please phone Emma or Anton on 01604 870681.

Here is also a link to the Lectio This is daily devotional

Alternative prayer booklet to use at home if you prefer this format to WhatsApp or the web page services 

As Beverley is on leave this week there is no Sunday service but you are encouraged to either find another service online or these are the listings for TV services.

8:10amSundayRadio 4
10:45amSunday“Sunday Worship” (BBC1)
13:15pmSunday“Songs of Praise” (BBC 1)
Also channel 65 on Freeview or 582 on Sky TBN is a Christian channel and will have services throughout the day.
Morning Prayer will be from 8:30 am on weekdays as the Coronavirus restrictions are being eased to enable those returning to work to take part. 

Morning Prayer for week beginning 29th June
Weekly readings for week beginning 15th June
Audio readings have been read by Paul 

Morning Prayer for week beginning 6th July 
Readings from Jane and Doug
Service for Monday 6th July
Reading for Monday 6th July

Service for Tuesday 7th July
Reading for Tuesday 7th July

Service for Wednesday 8th July
Reading for Wednesday 8th July

Service for Thursday 9th July
Reading for Thursday 9th July

Service for Friday 10th July
Reading for Friday 10th July


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