Thursday, 21 December 2017

Christmas message from Revd Beverley

A Christmas message from Revd Beverley

I used to visit a retired midwife, and I loved her stories of delivering babies, sometimes in very interesting or challenging places. What a privilege it must have been for the first century woman, the village equivalent of a midwife, who would have come to help Mary through her labour and sobecame the first human to touch the Messiah as she delivered the precious child into the world. The child was named Jesus, which means ‘God saves’ and is sometimes translated as ‘the Saviour’ or ‘The Deliverer’. If we call Jesus ‘Deliverer’, we’re using the word in an old fashioned way, not suggesting that he was destined to bring us our parcels (we all know that’s St Nick’s job…).
No, Jesus is the deliverer in the sense that we say in the older translations of the Lord’s Prayer ‘deliver us from evil’ – when we pray that if we find ourselves facing evil in any form, Jesus will protect and save us from it. That was the point of his coming – to find those who are lost, and to bring them home to God the Father. To deliver us from evil. That doesn’t mean removing it completely, but being with us to guide us safely through it, helping us deal with the difficult and unexpected – perhaps in the same firm and gentle way that an expert midwife is there to bring a baby through the dangers of birth and deliver him safely into the world. 
So here’s a thought. As we once again celebrate this Christmas that very special delivery, we can also trustingly look to Jesus and tell him our fears and anxieties, just as faithful people have done across time, and pray – just as the ancient Israelites prayed in Egypt – deliver us!

As we turn to the New Year, Living Brook will see change again. We say goodbye to Revd Deborah and Gary, as Deborah has completed her training here and is ready to become a vicar in her own right, and we all wish them both well in the next chapter of their lives. I’ll be away until after Easter, taking some sabbatical leave to rest and study, and will be back with you in the middle of April. So you’ll have the opportunity to meet clergy from around the area as they come to take services for you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the refreshment of some new faces for a while!
May God bless you all this Christmas and be your deliverer in 2018.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Living Nativity - Saturday 16th December - Hardingstone

Don't forget our Living Nativity event this Saturday, even if you don't have children or grandchildren, come along and support our children as they witness the true meaning of Christmas.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Christmas Tree Festival - St John the Baptist, Piddington

Don't forget to pop along to St John the Baptist, Piddington this weekend and marvel at the wonderful Christmas Trees. If that is not enough to get you into the Christmas spirit, you can pop over to St John the Baptist Quinton Saturday evening to enjoy Mistletoe, Wine and Carols and if that wasn't enough you can come back to Piddington Sunday night for the Wassail. Let's hope that leaves you with enough energy to do your Christmas shopping!


Christmas Services

As usual we have many Christmas services in the Benefice which are set out below, it would be lovely to see you at one, a few or all!
Wishing you a joyful Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year from the Living Brook Team


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Celebrating Edward's 60 years as our organist

Come along to show your appreciation of the 60 years that Edward Kilpin B.E.M. has been our organist. 

We are holding a special celebratory praise service at 6pm on the 26th November at St. John the Baptist, Piddington. Everyone is welcome.

In addition to his weekly contribution to our services that has enhanced our worship; his music has marked the precious moments in so many people's lives in our communities bringing joy and comfort in equal measure. 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Please all come along to a fantastic concert given by the Weston Favell Singers on the 18th November details below.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Calling all quiz addicts again!

For all those who like to get their thinking caps on - a reminder that our Benefice is holding not one but two quiz nights shortly. Hurry up and get your tickets before they are all gone! Details on the two posters below.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Cream teas and Ride and Stride

This Saturday, September 9th is the annual Ride and Stride event when we open our churches to visitors who are raising money for the National Historic Churches Trust. If anyone wants to participate and raise money for the churches in our Benefice olease contact Gill Watson who has some sponsor forms available. 
For the less energetic, please take the opportunity to visit St Edmund's in Hardingstone, where you will be welcomed with a cream tea to help raise money for St Edmund's; see details below.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Embroidery Exhibition - this weekend

Don't forget, please come along and support this event, this weekend. It is the last chance to see some of Margaret Wright's wonderful work, before it is stored for safe keeping.

You can see some more photos of the exhibition here.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Calling all Quiz Addicts

You are in for a treat this Autumn if you like Quizzes as our Benefice will be hosting not 1 but 2 Quizzes for those who like an intellectual challenge! Details below:


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Embroidery Exhibition

Please come along and marvel at the designs of Margaret Wright and the legacy that she and the ladies of our Benefice have made with love and that enrich our worship.

Fundraising at St Edmund's

Please come along and support 

the following two events


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Living Prayer Week and Vicar's Prayer Walk

Come join us in our Living Prayer week.
We have a lot of special services culminating in our Vision Day on Saturday 10th June 
at the Kairos Centre in Grange Park 10am - 4pm


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Happy Easter!

Revd Beverley and Revd Deborah, with all the Living Brook Ministry Team, wish everyone a joyful Easter! May the risen Lord fill you with hope and help you to live abundantly and generously, in the way of the kingdom of heaven.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Easter services


Spy Wednesday 12th     Tenebrae                              7.30 pm            St Edmunds

Maundy Thursday 13th   Evening Prayer                    7.30 pm            SJB Quinton

                                    Agape Meal                         7.30 pm             Hackleton Village Hall

Good Friday 14th            Children’s Event (DI Edmund) 10 am             SJB Piddington

Holy Saturday 15th         Evening Prayer                     5.30 pm            SJB Piddington

Sunday 16th     Holy Communion and service of light      8 am            St Edmunds

Easter Day                  Holy Communion                   9.30 pm           SJB Quinton

                               Sung Communion                       11am          SJB Piddington

                               Elevenses@St.Edmunds       11am               St Edmunds

                               Service of the Cross                3 pm               St Edmunds

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Good Friday Children's Workshop

Looking for a free, fun activity with your children during the long Easter break, then come along to this interactive session and help DI Edmunds (a.k.a Revd Beverley) solve the Case of the Ark!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Sermon from 29th January, Tom and LBYF

You Don’t Need Money to be Rich 29th January 2016
As we have just heard in our Gospel reading from Matthew we can see how he talks about how we need to live generously. This made us think of the parable of the farmer in Luke’s Gospel which demonstrates how easy it is for us to not be generous.
So as you can see that this parable, even if it has been slightly modified, is very good example of how we should not be living our lives. Our gospel reading today tells us to stockpile our treasure in heaven where it is safe from moth, rust and burglars. With our farmer keeping his treasures on earth he suffered when he was killed as he lost all of his wealth to those around him. Matthew continues on to remind us that the place where we store our treasures is the place where your heart will be and the place where you will want to be the most. For the farmer this meant keeping it all inside a large barn where he could keep it safe and make lots of money from it, but for us as Christians, we believe that there is more to life than our time on Earth and greater things are to come when we go to heaven. So it only makes sense that we store up our treasures in heaven, with God, where they will be safe forever, knowing that when our time comes we will see the reward of putting our treasures in God’s hands.
This year we are focusing ourselves towards Generous Living, something which the ministry team have already been exploring, and a theme which we will look at more deeply as a church from both Living Brook Young Disciples, to LBYF, to Bible Study groups. Like last year we had a theme verse which we focused ourselves onto throughout the year and ours this year has come from today’s Gospel reading. (Hold up poster and read out verse). As we want you to be regularly reminded that we need to put our treasures in heaven and not earth as we all know it is very easy to slip into the mind set of thinking about, we have loads of bookmarks to give out with the verse on to remind you and to hand out to others who you know. We want everyone in the benefice to have one of these bookmarks and the schools team are going to make sure that all of our local schools are able to hand them out as well. You’ll also see the poster we just read out, all across the benefice as well in churches and homes to help focus our thinking in our work as a church across the year.
So when we think about living generously it is easy to jump to the conclusion to talk financially. And while yes this is a factor of generous living by giving money to charities to help support their work, we want to explore the other areas of generous living which are just as important and arguably more important.
As we saw in our illustration earlier, Paul writes to the Galatians telling them about the Fruits of the Spirit: Love, Peace, Faith, Joy, Kindness, Goodness, Patience, Gentleness and self-control. These are qualities of someone being generous, but when taken literally, are hard to invest directly into heaven. However, we can be generous towards one another by following these qualities and living the life which God has asked us to live. By following these acts, we put God before ourselves by being selfless towards others and not storing up our treasure for ourselves. So we want to challenge you and ask: do you put yourself first and invest our treasure in ourselves, or do we invest it in God’s work?
Paul demonstrates the idea of being generous when writing to the Corinthians as we heard earlier as us individuals being clay jars. They are made from the earth and made by mankind, like us. The pot is also fragile and can crack if we are not careful, so we have to keep it safe but it can also stand up to a lot as it is strong, like us. So continuing on the idea of clay jars being symbols of us people, Paul continues on by talking about how we are all vessels of Christ, we carry within us the Holy Spirit, like a jar which can hold many things. So what does that mean to be a vessel of Christ? It means that our actions should be Christ-like and we should follow his example with those actions being the words from our story. Therefore when Paul says “death is at work in us, but life is at work in you” he is telling us that through our generous actions of being Christ-like we bring others to life by filling them up with the greatness of Christ.
So let’s see what happens when we fill ourselves up with these Christ-like actions. If the people who currently have the large words with the fruit of the Spirit could bring them to the front we are going to add them to our clay jar. (Wait until everyone is at the front and start to fill up the jar) So as we fill up our clay pot here with our Christ like actions, we are effectively filling someone with the Spirit of Christ. These big actions have almost filled the pot and may cause it to overflow. But that’s great! That is just what we want because when we are at the point of overflowing with generosity those around us are able to experience it. We want to be able to fill the other clay pots around us that are currently empty so that they are able to overflow with generosity. And so the cycle continues.
So as a church over the next year, we want you to focus your efforts on making sure that we draw our actions closer to Christ so that the work we do reaches a point where we are all constantly giving to each other and those around us, whilst at the same time we are filled with by the generosity of those around us.
And by doing this, we store our treasure in heaven.