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A bear, with bare feet?

What can it mean? A bear, with bare feet... a barefoot bear?

Coming soon to a Living Brook Benefice Church near you: The bearfoot challenge!

It's a chance to make a difference, again.

LBYF service, pets and wandering about

It was a busy Sunday!

In the morning, the Living Brook Youth Fellowship led the church service at Hardingstone, presenting a story about Indiana Jones in search of the holy trinity.  Indy met all three!

The youth group also did the Bible readings and led us in singing.

At 3 pm it was time to celebrate and bless our pets in Horton. 

Revd Beverley brought along Scruffy the, er, dog, who was a great hit. There was some helpless laughter as Scruffy grooved along to the singing.

All enjoyed the sunshine and shade, some 21 people and 8 dogs, or some combination of people and dogs anyway... And a pony!

Then LBYF came together again for a walk in Salcey Forest, and lovely it was too. 

We got slightly waylaid on an unplanned expedition through a thicket. Some emerged with walking sticks, having rapidly aged.