Friday, 17 April 2015

Hackleton School -~Water Aid Update

As part of their RE work, Class 4 have been fundraising for Water Aid.  The water and sanitation crisis is the second biggest killer of children under five worldwide and Water Aid delivers taps and toilets, campaigns for change and builds the skills of local people.  The children raised an amazing £1,161.33.   

Emma and Peter from Class 4 explain how they did it:

'We did a coin collection involving the whole school. They each had a watering can to put their coins in. In a week’s time they were collected and counted.  Also, we did a sponsored silence for 1 hour. We got friends and families to sponsor us.' Emma.

'First we put an outline of a watering can with sellotape in the middle of the class. Then we got all the coins and pennies together and put them in the middle of the outlines.  After that, all of us sat in our seats and we started watching a film for our Literacy (in silence) and half way through we did a writing task.  A while after, we saw a bit more of the film and then the hour of silence was over. And while I was doing it I was so tempted to talk but I managed it.' Peter.

For those who are interested in finding out more about WaterAid please click on the following link: wateraid

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