Monday, 1 April 2013

Toilet Twinning Lent Campaign

 Flushed with success!

The Living Brook Benefice has raised a total to date of £311.30 for our Lent toilet twinning campaign, which means we have enough to buy FIVE new toilets which will be built in Burundi. Thanks to everyone who has saved their pennies during Lent. Some parishioners have followed Revd Beverley's lead in twinning the toilet in The Vicarage and have twinned their toilets at home too. 
We also know that our campaign has influenced other groups too, Hackleton cubs are saving their pennies during April and hope to be able to twin another toilet. In addition all the toilets in Middlesex University Library are now also being twinned, due to awareness of our campaign.

Just because our Lent campaign is over, this doesn't mean you have to stop collecting your pennies for this fantastic project. To announce the end of our Lent campaign, however, a prize of a T-shirt and an Easter egg were awarded to Toby who had managed to collect the most pennies.

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